A little about myself

Since this is my first post on this blog I figured I tell you something about myself. The biggest question you want to know might be my name and that is the point. I am not going to tell it to anyone. One of my favourite quotes is:

To write means more than putting pretty words on a page. The act of writing is to share a part of a soul with the world

And that is exactly what this blog is about. It is not about my name, my look or the person I am. It is about sharing a part of my soul with the world. I love to create my own pictures of characters in books just by their description. You may see it as a little challenge. As I go on with this blog you will probably get to know me better than my friends do and that brings me to the last point why I won’t tell my real name. I am afraid of how people judge me. If someone I know in real life would find out that it is me who is writing this blog it would be a nightmare for me. Every night before I fall asleep I think about what happened that day and every time I am afraid that everyone hates me now for who I am. For all of those reasons you might call me “just a blank space” because this is really what my name is. A blank space.

All you really need to know about me is the following:

  • I am sixteen years old girl
  • I am from Germany
  • I spent a year in the US as an exchange student
  • I love to write
  • My biggest dream is to travel around the world
  • I am still going to school
  • My thoughts drive me crazy
  • I am really, really bad at spelling
  • I love to create new things out of old, used items
  • I love soccer. I don’t play it myself but I love going to games and supporting my favorite team
  • I spent most of my money on food
  • I am obsessed with beanies and caps

Now I think this enough information about myself. Maybe you can already create your own image about me. If you do, let me know how you think I look. I would love to hear it.



12 thoughts on “A little about myself

  1. Heyy, you remind me of me too when I was your age (: but even now I don’t feel comfortable giving out my reply name but that’s okay, you can call me bee (: I would love to travel the world too and I love writing as well! You know the craziest people are always most interesting so don’t worry (: x

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  2. Welcome to blogging! I think what your blogging about is amazing and I can’t wait to read more! My blog is sort of about lifestyle but I love to write things just like you plan on writing as I want people to get to know me and they can’t do that if I’m pretending everything is happy and not actually writing about myself. Nobody that knows me knows about my blog, however I’m not anonymous, but I don’t show my faces in photos or tell people my name. But I like people not knowing that I have a blog because I don’t have to be scared that my friends will see it or anything like that so I have a chance of talking to new people like you! I’m so excited to read your future posts and trust me, the blogging side of the internet makes you feel a lot more confident and you develop so much as a person! -Tash 🙂


  3. Omg welcome to the blogging world! As elm said you actually remind me of myself when I first started. I was so unsure about everything!
    I think not writing under a name is so good! I’m jealous that I didn’t when I first started blogging because I mean you can always tell people your real name but you can’t undo telling people your real name. Look forward to reading your other posts 🙂


  4. You know what, you remind me of myself. Just a little. It’s the name thing, I think, because I relate to that COMPLETELY. I think NOT writing under a name is good, because it lets you express yourself and say what you want to say. I think you’re great already, and you don’t need to have any fear of judgement. That’s not what blogging’s about.
    People finding out about your blog is terrifying, on a purely emotional level. But there’s something that YOU have right now and they don’t – the power of words, and the fact that your words can mean something.
    Always keep writing, and welcome to the blogosphere!


      1. I’m SO glad of that honestly. Always feel confident in yourself, because the person who doubts yourself the most is yourself and if you don’t, the other doubts become less painful. 🙂


        1. I am working on being confident for years now. I think it is a journey everyone has to do for themselves. I used to care about what others think about me a lot more than I do now and I see writing this blog as one more step on my journey to become confident with what I do.

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