Having a secret

I started my blog about a week ago (week ago, week ago… 🙂 ) and it feels amazing to have a secret. I am that type of person who is the worst in having secrets because I love to talk. I talk a lot. Usually I tell my friends EVERYTHING that is going on in my life. Basically I never shut up. But I haven’t told anyone about my blog yet and I am a little surprised about myself. I thought about telling someone about a million times already but I never did and I hope I am not going to. Nothing feels better than putting my thoughts out here without having to be scared someone I know will read it. I wonder how it will be in a couple months, when I am hopefully still writing on here. It was so hard to keep it a secret for less than a week so how will it be to keep it as a secret for months probably years (Yes I am optimistic)? Well it is one more challenge for me and I already love it but I have to admit. I might have told my host sister that I have a secret blog but I didn’t tell her a name or link so she won’t ever find it although she would be the only person, I know, I would be comfortable with reading this.

How do you feel about having a secret? Are you as bad as me in keeping them?

Lots of Love

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2 thoughts on “Having a secret

  1. Aww I was just like that! I was part of this small website online when I was younger and used to put up poetry and made a group of close friends from another country, and it was my secret no one from my life knew me in the way they did or knew about that site. It was an amazing way of discovering myself (: I’ve started my blog a week ago too! And the only person who knows is my husband haha but I think I’ve reached that stage where I’m ready and comfortable to let certain people into my blog (:

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