Organizing my brain

Although I already postet today twice I need to talk about even more. Hey my blog my rules. Anyway what I want to talk about is my weirdo brain. Do you ever wonder how your brain looks like? Not in a scientific way but more in an creative way. Sometimes I imagine my brain as a gigantic city and every thought is a little person living there. So much is going on in there it drives me crazy. I think if my brain actually would look like a giant city it would be as messy as my room and let me tell you MY ROOM IS A GIGANTIC MESS. Sometimes after I cleaned it my dad comes in and asks me why I haven’t cleaned it yet. Parents…

But that is not the point. The point is that I try to organize my brain as much as I try to organize my room. When things  get to crazy in my head I close my eyes and imagine I am somewhere else. I make up stories that deal with my thoughts. I work on a story for weeks until it gets boring and I get a new Idea. That is a way I can get it organized at least a little bit. It works pretty well but it is still the same situation as my room. I organize everything and five minutes later it is all messy again. My parents would say it’s just puberty but I say it is life. I think everyone’s worse enemy are their own thoughts. It is the way we deal with it that makes everyone different. Maybe I’ll write a post about the story I am working on right now before I go to bed, what by the way I should do. It is almost midnight.

Another way to organize my thoughts is to turn them into lyrics and little poems. My journal I write in is like my diary. Everything in there is about the things I was dealing with while I was writing. It is just hidden. I think every written piece has some hidden information about the writer because we write about our thoughts. We hide them so someone will find them if they want. Reading is like a treasure hunt. But that topic is big enough to write it’s own post about. I am getting so many Ideas now it is so exiting.

Okay that should be enough for today. I really have to go to bed now. After I started to write I can never stop. You probably noticed that already. My mom always sais I start at home and end up in Africa when I write… I am getting off topic again. I really need to get to an end.

Good night everyone. I hope you had a great day and If you read this in the morning will have a great day. Thank you for reading.

Just a blank space


2 thoughts on “Organizing my brain

  1. I really like what you wrote. All of it. I think the city line was beautiful. I feel the same about writing.
    Each line, each word has a meaning for every single person.

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