Car Radio-Twenty one Pilots

I freaking love this song. I listen to it for about 6 month strait now. I even put the lyrics in my journal so I could look at them more often Some of my friend red it but they didn’t understand why I love it so much. They thought I am crazy liking a song about a radio. They didn’t think about it. The song means so much to me because it describes totally how I feel. Just think about it. Of course he is not talking about a stupid car radio and a car. The car stands for his life and the radio for the distraction and now that he has no distraction anymore he has to think about what he has done. The silence is driving him insane. Quiet is violent. He knows he could change his life (I could pull the steering wheel) but somehow he doesn’t. This song is powerful. I is getting more popular in Germany now and it makes me a little sad because most of the people just listen to it and don’t think about the meaning of it . Twenty one pilots are genius. I don’t know if my interpretation is the one they were aiming for but I don’t care.

Here are the lyrics of Car Radio by twenty one pilots

What do you think?

Just a blank space


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