Things I love

It is February 14th. Valentine day. The day we celebrate all kinds of Love.

I just red a post from Hideaway girl  where she listed all the thing she loves and I thought it was a great Idea. So here are all the things I love:

  • Writing: This should not surprise you 🙂 I already wrote about it. Writing means a lot to me. It helps me survive my daily life. When I write I forget the world around me and I go to a world where everything is fine. Once I started to write I can not stop.
  • Food: I love to eat and to cook. Just this morning I made pancakes. They were so good. I can eat a lot. Most of the time when I eat Lunch with my friends I eat their leftovers because I am so hungry.
  • Swimming: When I was six months old my mom took me to mom and children swimming and I never stopped. This year I even started to coach swimming.
  • Soccer: I do not play soccer. I wish I could but my mom won’t let me. She sais that I would hurt myself constantly. What I do is support my favorite team. I love going to games and I am always screaming with all the others. It is so much fun. When I was homesic during my exchange year I used to listen to recordings from soccer games and songs people wrote about our team. It always made me feel better.
  • Playing the piano: I started to play the piano in third grade. I even bought the piano myself. If there is one thing I love more than playing it would be my piano teacher. I play instruments with her since first grade and she is part of out family. She is one of the nicest persons in the world. Without her I would have stopped playing years ago.
  • Hand lettering: Recently I discovered hand lettering and I try to teach it myself now. It is so much fun and relaxing. I could look up fonts all day and play with words
  • Reading: If I get a good book I read it without putting it down even once. I just absorb the words. From the books I read I get new Ideas. I try to read in English but it is hard to get the books. Most of the time I have to buy them because the library has just a couple books written in English. But nothing goes over the smell of a book.
  • Traveling: I love to discover new places and to get to know different cultures. Next summer I am going to spent two weeks in Wales and I can’t wait to leave. I used to travel a lot with my host family and I miss it a lot. When I turn eighteen and I get my license the first thing I will do is to grab some of my friends and go on a road trip. My biggest dream is to be able to travel the world like for example Fun for Louis.
  • My family: Although my family can be pretty annoying  I love them to pieces. Not being with them for a year showed me how much I love them. I couldn’t ask for better parents. My parents support me in everything I do and without them I would still ne crying in my room all day.
  • My friends: My friends are seriously the best. I am so happy to have them in my life. They are just as crazy as I am and together we have the best adventures.
  • Sailing: I love to sail because nothing makes me feel more free than being on the water having the wind going through my hair. It is so much fund getting splashed with water and leaning of hoping you are not going to fall off the boat

I hope my English is not as bad as I think it is . I don’t know but I feel like I am just writing like crap today.

Well I hope you all have an amazing day.

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