Living in a mormon family

Today I want to talk about a religion. I know it is a really sensible topic right now and I do not want to offend anybody with it. I myself am not really a religious person but I did live with a Mormon family and went to a school where most people were Mormon for ten months. I just want to share my experience with it.

First thing off is that Mormons are not Amish. When I came back home a lot of people asked me if they use technology at all and yes they do. In fact my host family had a lot more technology at home than my real family has. My host mom owns a online company. They live a normal life just like everyone else and hey are not dumb as some people think. My host dad even went to Stanford.

Mormon families are big. Almost everyone there has more than three kids. I had so many host cousins I didn’t even get to meet all of them. I think I had about 26 and they were all just from my host mom’s side of the family. Family is important for them. Every Sunday my host mom’s parents and her older daughter with her husband and two kids came over for dinner. Before every dinner someone said a prayer and before going to bed the family sat together and prayed. When my host grandma had a surgery the whole family came together the night before and prayed. It  was such a powerful moment I will never forget. Before Christmas they all came together and made chocolate and on Christmas they all had dinner together.

In school we had a really, really strict dress code everyone had to follow. I never understood why we didn’t just have a uniform because it was almost impossible to find clothes that did fit the dress code. Before swim meets we all got together and prayed even the few ones who were not Mormons. They did the same before every show at school. They were all a strong community.

Now of course there are some aspect that I didn’t like for example going to church for three hours on Sundays, but  I respected their believes and so did my host family respect mine. They were not forcing me to come with them to church or to pray although they  where happy when I joined the,. They became my second family and I am happy I got to stay with them. They are such open hearted and loving people. Everyone accepted me as part of the family and it was amazing to be part of it.

I think it is sad that sometimes we judge people or groups before they even talked to them. I think you have to talk to someone first before you should judge them. That is why I want to travel so bad. I want to get to know as many cultures as possible so I’ll be able to develop my own opinion about them. Also sometimes it feels like we only see the bad things but there is always a good and a bad side.

There is so much more I could tell you about this topic and my experience with the Mormon faith. I do not want to offend anybody with what I said. It is only my opinion  and there might be other opinions about this topic as it is a really sensitive one. I accept every other opinion that you might have and I would like to here them.

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