My little accident

Hello internet,

this morning when I opened the garage to get my bike out and go to school I seriously bumped into the garage door. It is so typically for me. I always hurt myself but anyway. When I walked in the door wasn’t opened all the way yet and I straitened to early after bending down. I hit my head right on the corner  of the door. As you can see my day started really well. Because I have a bump on my head now my hair looks weird and doesn’t want to do what I want it to do. URG. I hope you can laugh about it because then my little accident at least made somebody happy. Even if it is just for one second.

My first class today was Latin and I just hate it. I will never understand it. So that didn’t make me happier and so did all my classes after. What do you expect from a day that includes Latin, Chemistry, Math and Physics? Nothing good. In math we got a new seating chart and first I was happy because last time my teacher said that I will move to the back when we change seats again. I really wanted to sit in the back so I don’t have to pay attention anymore and can write in my journal. But of course she changed her mind and I still have to sit in the front. To top all of that she assigned the seats next to me and my friend to the two guys who always disturb class. That is not fair.

Well at least I enjoyed my lunch today.

Later I am going to a discussion between all the candidates for the election that is coming up in our part soon. I am excited for it because I like politics and want to know what we have to say. The only problem is that  I do not know what to wear. I will have to figure that out in the next two hours.

I hope you enjoyed your day.

Lots of Love

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