Political Debate

Today I went to a political debate at my school. Candidates from all the big parties were there and it was really interesting. Although I am not allowed to vote yet I am interested politics. Just last year I ran for our local youth council. Sadly I am the first person who didn’t get in. But that is not the point of this post. Also I don’t want to talk about politics explicit because I don’t know most of the words I want to write in English and I don’t think that anyone cares about German politics.

A Big topic for this election is refugees. About one million refugees came to Germany in 2015 and everyone has an opinion on it. In a couple weeks a group of about 30 refugees is going to move in a old building right next to our house. A couple of times people asked me if I am scared. Especially because I am a girl and the refugees would rape girls. I seriously don’t get that. Those people have seen horrible things and are happy to be save now. It is the same as I said in a post before. We can’t judge people, religions and groups before we got to know them. I can’t understand people who say that we should shoot at the refugees that want to enter Germany even at kids. And yes someone has said that. There are 80 million people living in Germany and I don’t think that because of another million that seeks for an save environment here will change our whole culture to theirs. As long as they want to be part of our community and try to fit in they should be allowed to stay but I also think if someone doesn’t try to be a part of the community, doesn’t try to get a job or commits a crime they loose their right to stay.

For me I am a little bit excited what is going to happen when the refugees move in. They are the first of about 500 that will move in our town in the next couple months. At least that is what the politicians say. I hope I will get to know some and learn about their culture. I think that situations like that are a great opportunity to get to know other cultures without having to travel a lot. Maybe I even get to help them to get to know our German culture. I am really optimistic and sometimes I feel like that I am one of just a little group that thinks about it the same way.

So I guess I did talk a little bit about politic even if I didn’t want to but I got carried away. Anyway the debate was fun to watch because a lot of my friends were there. I hope all of you had a great day.

Lots of love

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6 thoughts on “Political Debate

  1. I dont know why so many countries dont want to take in refugees. They are human too. When will people see past religon, skin color, nationality, and gender? Once we look past all those minor details we will see that underneath all that we are all humans.

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  2. Hey,
    I totally agree with you. Here in Switzerland are many refugees too. And I think it’s horrible what other people think of refugees. Like they’d take their place. I mean we obviously have enough space. And it could be a world without war if there were more people like you. Well, have a nice one. Bye

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