Changing the classic children books

In Germany publishers started to change old classic children book. Most of the books are really old and almost every child in German knows them. I loved to read them when I was small and they are a huge part of my childhood and me. Because they are really old they include some words that are not political correct anymore. That is why they get changed but I don’t think this should be done.

For me a book is a piece of art in some way. The author thought something when he or she wrote the words down. We don’t color over paintings if they are not political correct so why do it with books?

Also you can’t just erase the words. They are part of our history and children will get confronted with them in some way sooner or later. The best way is to talk to them about those words as soon as possible and explain to them why it is wrong to call someone  those words. Most of the time those words are not even used in a wrong way in the books and I grew up with them. I do not discriminate people. I know what is wrong and what is right because I know they exist.

Erasing those words in my opinion is censorship. You can’t just make people forget words because they are assassinated with bad things that happened on our history. If we forget what happened it will happen again. The best thing about history is that we can look at it and make sure we won’t do the same mistakes again.

This may be a post that deals with something that is happening in Germany but I hope you like it and maybe get something for you out of my words. The topic is something important for me as I love those books and literature.

Thank you for reading till the end. Stay save.

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