Old books

Today I picked up old books from a what we call public bookshelf. If you don’t know what it is. It is a bookshelf where everyone can just take books from or put his old ones on for everyone to take them. The books I picked up are all very old. The oldest one is from 1887 I think. I love the smell and the look of old books. What I usually do with them is turn them into pencil cases. I want to try to even make them into new notebooks.

The oldest book is called “the pleasures if life” and written by Sir John Lubbock. It is written in English and I started to read it because it sounds really interesting


20160218_153308978_iOS.jpgDoesn’t that sound interesting? I only skipped through it but time by time there are different quotes and I love quotes. The smell and the feeling of the pages is amazing and I can’t wait to find more about the book while reading it. I feel like I am going on a adventure back in time 🙂

Lots of love

Just a blank space

(Maybe I am going to post how I turn old books into a pencil case or a save. If you would likte to read something like that let me know.)


2 thoughts on “Old books

  1. Old has its own smell. And when you touch something old it leaves an layer of old on you but it is okay becaue now goh have some bistory on you. I love touching old books and old buildings. So much history at my finger tips.

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