My blogging world

I started blogging on WordPress only two weeks ago and I already feel like it changed my life.

No one in school and none of my friends understand how much I love writing and how important it is for me. I have no one to talk with. But writing is the only thing that keeps me from actually going insane. I need it to get all the thoughts and worries out of my head.

Before I started this blog I actually had another one. I used it to tell everyone I know what I did everyday in the US. The problem was people I know read it and I felt like I can’t write the things that bother me the most because they would judge me for it and not understand. That is one reason why I don’t blog with a name.

I am always uncomfortable with my own writing because no one understood why I was writing. But that changed in the last two weeks. When I turn on my laptop and go on WordPress I dive into the blogging world. Every comment on my posts is so lovely and I finally get to write what I want. I don’t have to be scared anymore. The whole atmosphere on WordPress is positiv and makes me comfortable with myself. Everyone is nice to each other. I feel like everyone of you understands me and kind of feels the same about writing. On here is a place where I finally can be myself, say what I need to say and where I won’t get stupid comments. I never want to leave the world I entered by starting this blog.

I want to say thank you to each one of you who reads my blog. I may only be writing on here for two weeks but it already changed so much. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I would love to get to know all of you better. So If you re bored, don’t know what to do or just need\want to talk to someone just email me ( ). I would love to talk to you.

Lots of Love

Just a blank space


10 thoughts on “My blogging world

  1. I feel the same way. Exactly the same way. If I dont write I rapidly start freaking out. Whenever I write I feel lime the heavens ooen uo. I feel so happy when I write and when I red what you wrote about writing I this post the only thing I could think about is how much we are alike writing and all. We are both people who understand the joy and wonder of writing. 🙂

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