The story of a little girl

So I just found this in my laptop. I wrote it a couple months ago. It is not perfect and I don’t know if people will understand the message I tried to put in it but I still want to share it with you.

The story of a little girl

One big noise, people suddenly scream

around her everyone falls on the ground

But She is not surprised, she has seen this before

Her mom cries when she puts her to bed that night

But it is nothing new for her.

She does that every single night


Let me tell you a story about a little girl

She lost her home and all she used to enjoy

because Her life got ripped apart

She has seen things a little girl should never see

And she is only one of thousands children

That go through the same


She did not know what was going on

When her mom woke her up in the middle of the night

And everyday she is asking when they will go back home.

She has not slept in a real bed for months now

And she never has enough to eat.

Her eyes lost all the sparkles that they used to have


She is wondering where her dad has been

But every time she asks her mom

She tells her that everything will be alright

She just has to keep hoping for a better life

But she does not understand

What she is talking about


She does not want her mom

To have more to worry about

So she dries up her tears all by herself

And does not tell her that she is hurt.

This little girl is stronger than most of us

She is a little hero


4 thoughts on “The story of a little girl

  1. Thank you for writing this. I guess it’s about the situation of the refugees and about kids who’ve lost their parents or a parent. And about that those kids shouldn’t see those things that they’ve seen. That it’s horrible. I think it is horrible that much of us don’t help them. There are many people who say that we are in danger because of refugees but I get really angry every time someone tells me that. I can’t believe that there are so bad people. Thanks for sharing. I really got the message. Bye

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