A home for refugees

Earlier today I wrote about my swim meet I had today. Well it wasn’t as bad as I expected it. I had fun with my team and even got second on 200m medley and third on 50m butterfly. That sounds like I am really good but no. There were no more girls in my age competing. Funny side note. I wanted to put on my competition swim suit. It is really tight and I didn’t wear it for about two years because I didn’t go to any meets. Well it doesn’t fit at all anymore. I think I almost ripped it by trying to squeey inside. It makes me really saf that I can’t wear it anymore because swim suits like that are expensive and my parents are not going to buy me another one.

I also go to see the new home for refugees next to our house. It was interesting to see how it turned out. It used to be a kindergarten. Well there are three sleeping rooms with about five beds in each and two tiny flats for families. Every person living there has a locker as you know them from all the high school movies. There are some tables and chairs, two bathroom and a small kitchen. That is all. The whole thing seemed desolate to me. I don’t know when the first people will move in. I really wouldn’t like to live there and I hope the people who have too will be independent with a job as soon as possible. I couldn’t imagine to live there for a long time.

I hope you had a good day today

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