“Not a happy post”

Recently I have been reading a lot of post on WordPress. Some were happy and some were not. What I recognized in all the post that were not about a happy topic is that in the end everyone apologizes for them. But why? For me one reason why I write my blog is to tell my story. The story of my life (see the one direction reference here :)) and life is not always happy. There are ups and down. One reason why I read blogs is because I want to hear about the ups and downs people go through. You don’t need to apologize for not being happy. It makes you a real person. I think there is no person on this world who hasn’t felt bad. It is okay. We can’t control our feelings and apologizing for them doesn’t change anything. It only makes it worse. Feeling down is part of life and makes us stronger. So please stop apologizing for how you feel. Your feelings are what make you yourself. You have to be confident with them and believe me. Thinking it is not okay to feel bad makes you feel even worse but accepting you feel bad and knowing that it is okay is the first step to recovery.

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9 thoughts on ““Not a happy post”

  1. I couldn’t put this into words better myself! I understand all the points in here and that cheeky One Direction reference 😉 ! Love how you write your posts! xx

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