What I look for in a blog|Guest Post

Hi,everyone! I’m Hideaway Girl and I am so happy to be writing on Just a blank space blog today 🙂 Now, on my blog, I don’t really give blogging advice because in my opinion, I’m still kinda a new blogger even though I’ve had Hideaway Girl for a year. Anyway, this is kinda different for me and I’m actually really excited about writing it 🙂

I love reading what type of blogs people read because it gives me ideas for posts and how to improve my blog so I thought it would be a really cool idea to do a post on what I look for in blogs ?


1.      Humor. So the first thing I look for in a blog is humor as I don’t really like blogs which are depressing all the time. A blog which can make me smile is something brilliant. Humor gives me a more positive understandingof the person 🙂

2.      Being themselves on the blog. I like blogs which show personality! I like reading bloggers who all have different personalities and opinions.

3.      Unique. Something a little different. I find that some blogs can be really similar so I like to have a few really different ones to read.

4.      Boy bloggers. Most bloggers I read are girls and sometimes I like to read boy bloggers because you get to look inside a boys brain and it’s interesting 🙂

5.      Beauty blogs which I can afford! I like beauty bloggers who buy makeup which isn’t expensive and I can afford so if any one knows any bloggers like that, tell me in the comments below.

So that’s some things I like to look for in blogs! If you would like to have a peek at my blog, you can click here. I’ve actually really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you liked it 🙂

Hideaway Girl xxx


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