10 Things to do instead of homework

  1. Write a blog post: That is what I am doing right now. I just need an excuse why I can’t start with my homework 🙂
  2. Hand letter: Just chose a quote and write it down in different fonts. All you need is a pencil and paper. No fancy tools.
  3. Go on Pinterest: Pinterest is great. I love to go on it and look for inspiration for my journal or my hand lettering. I spent hours doing that every week
  4. Random Word Generator: Go on random word generator and write about the first word that appears on the screen. It can be a poem a story or anything that comes to your mind. It doesn’t even have to make sence
  5. Dance: Turn your music up and just dance randomly to your favorite songs.
  6. Dream: Close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else. Create a dream world or think of a adventure you are on…
  7. Text someone you haven’t talk to in a while: Text someone you thought about keeping up recently. Maybe a friend that moved away or someone you met once. It may make them happy to know you thought of them and you have something to do instead of doing homework. It is a win for both
  8. Look for new songs: Discovering new music to listen to is always fun.
  9. Watch YouTube: There is always something on YouTube you haven’t seen yet. Cat and Dog videos are always the right choice. If you already watched all your favorite youtubers there are always a ton of new ones to discover.
  10. Write a letter: I love to write letters. Just sit down and tell someone what you have been up to lately. You don’t even have to address it to a real person or sent it. You could also write a nice postcard and write a random address on it. In that case you might make someone happy when they get it.

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