A back in time situation

I just came home from driving school and something happened that I wanted to tell you. One of the boys that used to bully me before I went to the United States came in and my heart just stopped pounding. Something made me feel really uncomfortable and insecure. I was afraid of him and I don’t even know why. I haven’t even talked to him for about almost two years now. I felt like something took me back in time. Because I am myself I wrote a little poem what helped me to deal with the situation.

I am insecure

never sure

what I should do

when I see you.

You make me feel

like I am not worth

to be alive

The weird thing is that this actually wasn’t the first time I felt like this. Every time I see him or the other guy that where involved in the hallway I feel the same way.

It makes me mad because I should be over it by now. I have wonderful classmates that make me feel comfortable, I have amazing friends who care about me and somehow I am still afraid of those stupid guys who think they are better than everyone. Words and actions can hurt more that actual violence.

Writing helped me when I was bullied and it still helps me now. That is why I always have a pencil and paper with me. I feel like with those two I can conquer every situation life gives me. The words that I put on paper are my superpower. As soon as I felt uncomfortable and weak when I saw this guy I subliminal gapped my pen and started writing. I think I just wanted to escape out of the real life.

Lots of love

Just a blank space


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