Random Word Generator

I went on a random word generator and wrote what came in my mind about all the words it showed me. I hope you can enjoy the random view in my brain

smashing: Sometimes when I am mad or in a bad mood I feel like i need to smash something. Breaking object can be really relaxing. Do you know that feeling when you just want destroy everything around you. That is exactly the feeling I mean.

uniting: I am actually not quite sure what it means but it is a pretty word. I think it means to put two things together. Like a union. Do you know what would be awesome united? Chocolate and vitamins. I seriously need that. Also I have to think about Manchester United. I love soccer. I am going to a game on Saturday but I have no one to go with so that is a problem. All the boys I asked are already going.

lisp: Okay that is really a random word. I don’t know what to write about this. The only thing that comes in my mind is that Ricky Dillon said once that people say he has a little lisp. For me he talks normal. It is just his voice.

being: Well that is really interesting. The first thing that comes to my mind is human being, what obviously we all are. Do you ever think about how weird it is that we are alive? I have those moments where I reflect on everything and just feel weird. The human body is such a complex thing. It is weird. Life is weird. I am weird. Basically everything is weird. Except Shawn Mendes. His songs that I am listening to while writing are just amazing.

why: Now that is something I could go on about forever. There are so many questions I could ask. Why am I alive? Why am I human? Why is our brain a complex thing? Why do I have to go to school/ Why can’t I be intelligent and know everything without having to study? I think you got the point. Why is Shawn Mendes such a good singer?

So I hope you enjoyed reading this little view in my thoughts.

I also thought about writing a post where I translate some words in German but I was not sure if anyone would like to read something like that.

Have a great day

Just a blank space

PS: 80 followers on this blog now is insane I could freak out. My blog is growing so fast.I love you guys.


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