Two complete opposite Relationships

Today I want to talk about my two grandpas as I have two completely different relationship with them.

My grandpa from my dads side died when I was about one year old. I do not really remember him although sometimes I feel like I have part of a memory stuck in my brain. The only thing I know is that it was a really happy moment and has something to do with an elevator. Weird right? Even I have no memory of him he is my hero. Of course my parents told me stories about him. I wish I would have known him longer. What makes him a hero for me is what he reached in his life. After the second world war my grandpa was one of the first exchange students ever going to the U.S. He got chosen because he was one of the smartest people in his region and although his family didn’t want him to leave he did. He created this book where he collected a lot of memories. He also wrote down his dreams and he made almost all of them come true. That is what inspires me the most. I wish I will do the same when I am older.

My grandpa from my moms side is still alive and I even lived in a house with him for about four years. He is not the easiest person to deal with. My parents got in a fight with him six years ago. My mom hasn’t talk to him since because he shouted at her till she had a mental breakdown. Even though he lives just a couple blocks away I see him about twice a year. I don’t even want to go visit him because he always wants me to pick a side and of course he expects me to pick his. The only reason I go visit him on Christmas and Easter  because I feel bad for my grandma who is not to blame for anything that happened and still has to suffer from it. Oh and my dad makes me go. I do not even have a really happy memory with this grandpa because all he thinks of is his work. He still works all day even on weekends. That makes me sad. Every time I go for a visit I hope I will able to forgive him for everything but I never can. Most of the time I cry when I come home because I can’t deal with him. It makes me sad I have such a bad relationship with him but I can’t change him.

Two complete different relationships. I would say they are the complete opposite. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry or anything. I just want to make you think about the relationships you have and to appreciate all the great people you have in your life.

Lots of Love

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2 thoughts on “Two complete opposite Relationships

  1. Right before I was born my great grandmother died. And my, was she amazing. She was kind. Even when she was poor she still kept on giving. I wish I coukd be tnat nice. Plus she was also very funny.

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  2. I loved this post:) I have a really good relationship with all three of my grandparents. However my grandparents on my dad’s side are not together anymore, so although my grandpa is alive I have no memories with him or about him:(

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