Between two languages

As  most of you know English is not my mother language. German is. You can probably see that in my writing as it is full with mistakes. But that is not the point.

Before I went to the US. I went to a camp for the first time where half of the members are teenagers from Wales. My English was really, really bad back then and to practice I started to make up stories in my mind in English.

Then I went to the US. and my English got a lot better so I started to write in englisch too. Because no one could speak German there I even started to think and dream in English. It was really weird when I came back home and suddenly everyone was talking German again.

I thought that I will start to think in German again after a period of time back in Germany but it didn’t happen. In my head everything is in English. I don’t even write anything in German anymore. Only if I have to do it for school.

I feel like I am way more better in writing in English than in German. Also I really love the English Language. I feel like everything sounds better in it.

I miss talking English. Sometimes I am a complete different person when I talk English. I feel like I am split apart in the US. me and the German me. Weird right? I love to be back home but I also miss the US. a lot. I miss my host family and my friends. I hope that one day I will be able to go back.

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday.

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14 thoughts on “Between two languages

  1. I’m German too. Although I dont know german, and never been to germany ( I actully never left the US), I still know how you feel. I feel split between my roots and where I live.
    I havs been checking out your blog and I really love it!!!!! You have such amazing poems, thoughts, and posts. 🙂

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  2. Cool! English is actually a really complicated language, it just doesn’t seem hard to foreign speakers. Man, grammar and spelling gets really confusing. I’m learning a second language (Japanese) and I’m not fluent yet, but someday I’d hope to only think in Japanese, that would be cool. B)
    German is an awesome language too! I’ve never learned it, but it’s amazing that you’re bilingual! I can’t imagine learning another language super fluently and then finding it hard to return to the first language. xD

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  3. Oh I have always wanted to learn German. And I completely understand how you feel. English is not my mother tongue either and I only learned it when I was 7 years old. I found it very difficult for me to converse with my new classmates after I had moved to an other school which was not in my home country. Can I ask you a question, did you just visit US or moved there for a while?

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