Exploring the world

I want to travel the world so bad. There are so many places I want to visit. I can’t even list them all. But I am old enough now to go on a trip without my parents and that makes me exited. There are so many places I could visit in Europe. I just need a train ticket and if I sleep in a youth hostel I isn’t even that expensive.

In I think three weeks I have a one week break from school because of Easter and I thought why not take one of my friends and go somewhere? I am thinking of Amsterdam or Paris or somewhere else. I mean it shouldn’t be that hard to communicate with all the people there because most Europeans learn English in school.

I am getting so exited. I wish I could leave right now. Hopefully I will be able to do it.

Let me know in the comments which city in Europe you want to visit.

Lots of love

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12 thoughts on “Exploring the world

  1. Go to Amsterdam, you’ll love it! It is a really beautiful city. Or Berlin, it is so great there. Belgium is pretty cool too. I love Rome and Paris but it looks like you’ve already been. I’d love to travel more of Europe, especially the eastern side. I want to go to Australia most of all though, but it’s so far away from the UK! Hope you get to go! – Jess x

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