I just don’t know

Today school was not as bad as I expected it to be. Because of the first elections of our majors we spent the first period playing basketball with the boys. Usually boys and girls are separate in PE but because half of us was missing they put us together today. Although the boys didn’t really play the way you are supposed to, it was a lot of fun and I actually scored myself. From all the stuff we do in PE basketball is my favorite.

In second period it was our turn to elect what we want to do. We have to do mathematics and German as a major. Than we have to choose a language and a science. The last major we can choose whatever we are interested in. For a foreign language I chose English of course. My science will be Biology but I didn’t know what to do for the last. I can’t decide between history and politics. I like history a little bit more but it is so much to study. I didn’t know what to choose. I put down history in the end but I am still not sure. The elections are not the final classes we have to take but I am still not sure if it was the right choice. Both politics and history are not completely set because there may not be enough people who want to take it. Maybe I am lucky and one of them will not be offered. Than I wouldn’t have much choice but if both of them are not going to be offered I will have a problem. The German school system is so complicated. Everything I wrote probably doesn’t make any sense to you. Well at least  I finally get to stop doing Latin and Physics next year. I didn’t even have to think about which classes I want to stop doing because they are the once I hate the most.

Well my mom made coffee. I am going to drink mine before it cools down. Have a good day.

Lots of love

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2 thoughts on “I just don’t know

  1. Exactly ^^^
    Pick something that you might think is a risk now, but you know you won’t regret later. Because in a few years time, you can one of two things – ‘you can regret the choices you didn’t make’ or you can be proud of how hard you worked and be happy that you put all the effort that you could. ❤

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