Loosing control

Today I went to another soccer game and we won (cheering in my bed). It was an amazing game and we actually scored a lot. With we I don’t really mean anyone I know including myself. I mean my favorite soccer team.

The reason why I love those games so much is because at some point you completely loose control over your emotions and you go with the crowd. When one of the players scores a goal I freak out along with 50 000 other people and the happiness that rushes through your body is just amazing. I was actually shouting so much during the game that I have no voice anymore.

I think at some point in our life we need to loose control. We try to control everything all the time and all of the frustration and the hard work we put in it has to come out one day. Everyone needs a thing where he or she can forget her or his feelings and all he or she worries about for a period of time and just enjoy life. For me this thing is soccer games. What do you do that makes you loose control for a bit?

Also today my dad took a picture of me holding a flag and suddenly this guy comes and joins the photo. My dads comment was: “hey look you finally found a boyfriend” I wish I could show you the picture but then you would know how I look and where I live. This is the bad side about being anonymous.

After the game we went to Burger King and I looked in one of the cars that was waiting in the drive through line. There was seriously a girl in a wedding dress sitting inside. I mean who wouldn’t love to celebrate their wedding at Burger King?

Lots of Love

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4 thoughts on “Loosing control

  1. I think we all need to just lose control once in a while-I planning to after all my exams, I can’t wait, I’m counting down the days! 🙂 I loved this post! xx

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