Expressing my feelings

Last week I wrote a post called “between two languages”. I talked about always switching between German and English. The last few days I kept thinking about this and I realized something. As soon as I express or describe how I feel I switch to English. I can’t express my feelings in German. I don’t know why. Isn’t that weird? I never find the right words to say, think, write… But I always seem to find the English words. I have no explanation and it confuses me. Shouldn’t I feel more comfortable in the language I grew up with and that I speak all day? Why are there certain topics I can only talk or write about in English and not in German? Do any of you understand what I mean?

Just a blank space


7 thoughts on “Expressing my feelings

  1. I do! I, too, feel more comfortable with English than Tamil which is my native tongue or Hindi, which is my national language. I speak Hindi a lot but while expressing myself I always switch to english

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