Words are special. I love them and I fear them. Words are more than letters put next to each other. Sometimes they are hard sometimes they are easy to find. Sometimes they can be beautiful, cheering, lovely or inspiring but sometimes they can also be painful or destructive. They can create worlds you never dreamed of and save a life but they can also kill.

Words are something we never really think of. They are something we use all day but never acknowledge their power. Saying something nice to someone who is feeling down can do more to them than we can ever imagine. Sometimes all somebody needs to keep fighting are some nice words.

Words can be more painful than physical violence. They can kill better than a sharp knife. Spoken and unspoken.

Words can change a whole generation and society. Martin Luther King once said: “I have a dream” His words were powerful enough to still be remembered. Think of Nelson Mandela and the fight he fought with words.

There is no second in our lives we don’t spent using words. We think, write or say them. Once they are out they can never be taken back. It doesn’t matter if they look pretty or if they are hard to read. Once they are written, said or thought they stay in this world forever changing everyone who heard or read them.

Some words change more than other but in the end they all come together creating everything our life is about. Without words there would be nothing. No communication, no science, no art, no knowledge, no love. Words built and words destroy.

Just a blank space


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