The things that happened yesterday

Yesterday my school opened doors for all the fourth grades who are thinking of going there next year. Everyone put a lot of effort in making the school look awesome. There were experiments they could do by themselves, there was cake, little plays in different languages…

All this what happening after school was over for us students and I participated a little. Me and two of my friends made some food Romans used to eat way back then. It was a lot of fun. One thing that was strange about it was that the school looked so different. It looked like it is exiting to go there everyday, like it is the best thing ever.

Also when we cooked we were in the teachers kitchen and it was strange to see the teachers acting like normal people and talking to us like we are not their students.

It is weird to think that a couple years ago I was one of those forth grades, dying to go to this school. I thought it was the most epic thing ever and looking at them now they seem so small. I felt like I was so old when I was this young.

It was so much fun and I was sad I had to leave before it really started. School can be annoying but it can also be a lot of fun. My new friends from this year are all awesome and I am happy I decided to do tenth grade again and not going into eleventh grade right away after being in the US.

Also we got the results of the class elections. There will be no politics class so I don’t have to decide between it and history anymore. I am so relived. It is not quite sure if there will be a history class but I am positive.

Have a nice weekend

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4 thoughts on “The things that happened yesterday

  1. I feel the same way when I help out at new student events at my school and see the eighth graders. It’s so crazy to think that I was just in their position a few years ago, excited and nervous about high school.

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