My head feels like it is going to explode, my throat hurts and I just feel sick. I missed my English exam today because I am sick but I do not really care. There is nothing I could study. I am pretty exited right now because I found out that Jimmy Fallon is airing soon. I love him and I did not even know they air him here. It is an old episode but who cares.

That is it for today. I am going to watch TV now.

Good night.

Just A Blank Space


13 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Ugh, I hate being sick. Usually my immune system’s pretty strong but when I get sick, it feels like my body’s getting battered by war or something.
    Love The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, as well!

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    1. When I was little I never got sick. I even jumped in a river in February and walked home for about half an hour soaking wet and nothing happened. Since the last two years it feels like I am constantly sick


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