A letter to the kids who bullied me

Dear ___________,

wait dear doesn’t seem to be the right word for you after all you have done to me. You may not even know because I never told you. You may not even have thought about how much your words hurt me back then. Let me tell you. You basically destroyed me. There was no day where I didn’t hide in my room crying because of you. There was no day where I didn’t wonder if I am worth to be alive. Sometimes I wondered if you would notice what you have done to me if I wasn’t there anymore.  I was so close to give up my fight. Luckily I have an awesome family. If it wasn’t for them nothing would have changed. I am still afraid of you. Did you know that? I haven’t talk to you for about two years now but every time I see you I feel pain inside. I want to run away and hide like I used to but I have grown now. I have done things you will never do. I have experienced things you will never experience. I probably have more people who care about me, who love me for who I am than you. I know you only hurt me because I have what you whish for.  A family who loves me.

Having to be around you in school every day was hard but it made me who I am. It made me strong. If you wouldn’t have bullied me I probably would not have went to the summer camp I went to and I would have never met the amazing people there and if I wouldn’t have met them I would probably have been too scared to go to the US all by myself. If you wouldn’t have bullied me I wouldn’t have started to write because for me writing was a place to escape to when I felt down. My stories helped me to handle real life and not to give up. All the stories had to do with my situation and as real life they turned out to be a happy end for me

In the end I think I have to thank you. Thank you for destroying me because without having been destroyed I would not have been able to build myself up to the new person I am today and I am proud of myself. Maybe to refer to you as dear____ is the right thing after all because I can look back on all of what happened with confidence.

Your sincerely

Just A Blank Space (I almost put my real name hear… OOPS)


17 thoughts on “A letter to the kids who bullied me

  1. WOW, THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL! I loved how you thanked ‘them’ (whoever the mean people are) at the end. It was amazing to see such a different view on bullying. I’ve never been through severe bullying before, and I’m glad. I’m also glad you’ve grown now and that bullying has helped you become stronger.

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