Life is not perfect

Life is not perfect. Every life has its own ups and downs. Every life is an individual. Sometimes it upsets me that everyone is trying to make it look like their life is perfect. Life isn’t always perfect but that is totally fine. The ups and downs are what makes it special.

Have you ever seen a you tuber who told the camera that they are struggling? No! And that is the problem. They only show you the great side of their life. They have such a big influence on people and especially young kids and teenagers think that their life has to be as perfect as theirs. If it is not they get even more upset.

If you do post something online letting people know that you are not feeling well they always accuse you to seek for attention and don’t want to hear it because it just reminds them that their life isn’t perfect. They can’t handle the truth.

One thing that means a lot to me on WordPress is that everyone can express their feelings. You don’t have to pretend to have an awesome life and everyone on here will cheer you up instead of dragging you down and accusing you of just wanting to get attention.

For me the first step to recovery is that I accept I am going through a down on my life. After I conquered it I am always stronger and have learned something new. I accepted that I feel bad sometimes and to be honest. Most of the time I am more creative when I am in a bad mood.

It is okay to feel bad. Life can’t be perfect and that is what makes it special and interesting.

Lots of Love

Just  A Blank Space

PS: I read an article that the pope has his own Instagram account now. Isn’t that funny? (Look at me destroying the deep mood)




3 thoughts on “Life is not perfect

  1. definitely agree with everything you said. I love how on WordPress I can talk about a bad day and everyone is always so supportive. It’s sad how on other social media platforms, everyone is expected to always be happy and showcase the perfect side of their life, even if they’re struggling on the inside.

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  2. One of the reasons why I love WordPress is that the community here is so supportive, no one judges anyone for expressing their emotions unlike other sites or in your day-to-day life, where people put you down if you say your life is less than perfect. Its unfortunate that the world can’t be helpful and kind whenever someone is struggling. 😦

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