What have we become?

I just heard about what happened in Brussel Belgium. I can’t believe it and it makes me want to cry.

In case you don’t know yet there were a couple of bomb detonations at the airport and a train station. At least twenty people died.

Brussel is just one more time where some people think that innocent people have to die. I understand that there are people who kill themselves. They shouldn’t do it but we can’t change that. It is their decision. What I don’t understand is why they have to kill innocent people along with themselves. They don’t have the right to decide over someone else’s life. No one has that.

There is so much violence on this world. It seemed to be far away but Europe has to face it. Terror reached us too. Everyone who died in a terrorist attack could still be alive if those wouldn’t have taken their life. I don’t want to say that people who died in countries far away are worth less than the people that died in Europe or in the US but it seems less rea when things like the Paris Attack happen far away.

It makes me mad that there are people whos actions reflect on a whole culture. Just because of some stupid terrorist a lot of people think that all Muslims are terrorist which is not true.

We often forget that the people who come to Europe often flee from such things as what happened in Paris or in Brussel. Things like that happen in their home countries everyday and look how politics treats them. They treat them like they are worthless. The refugees have lost their home and everything they have. It was not their fault. Europe is their last hope and no one seems to understand that.

Something has to change or this world won’t be like it used to be. Humanity will either kill itself or we will have no privacy anymore because everything needs to be controlled in order to prevent more attacks. No one wants that to happen.

I wish I could help refugees somehow.

Just A Blank Space


4 thoughts on “What have we become?

  1. Sadly, this is the nature of the willfully ignorant man; to judge and to “pass justice”. It does not belong to any belief or ideology. It is not Islamic, nor is it human. These are the people who are hurt and oppressed, and due to this they hurt and oppress others, because if they won’t kill a dozen people then they themselves including their families would get killed. Do not hate the bombers, hate the authority above them, vicious animals, bathing in their repulsive ignorance. They do not have any “following”, people of Syria are forced to obey them. They are people to be pitied indeed. Justice, my friend has never been real. It is merely an illusion.

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  2. Dear Just a blank space,
    I am so glad that you wrote this. You really speak out loud what others wouldn’t dare to. It’s really sad what happened there and what’s happening still. Right now. We only can do so much that we help them. And that we don’t judge them. They have seen things that no one should’ve ever seen happening. People have died. Innocent people. And it’s not right. It’s not fair. But if you have an idea how we can change this I’m the first person that is on it with you. I hope that everything is going to be better and settle down in a matter of time. But I don’t know. How could I. How could we? Well. Sorry for that. But I don’t know what we can do. And I’m trying to figure it out. Bye

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