Thinking about my blog

I love my blog and as I said it in the voice recording with Annoymousblogger for me my blog is like my little baby and I am proud of it.

I do think about my blog a lot. I think of possible posts and I dream of being a famous blogger. I know how that sound but you can never dream big enough.

Sometimes I wonder how long it would take someone I know in real life to figure out that this is me writing this blog? Well they would have to find it first and no one really knows I have a blog but theoretically it can happen. I hope if that will ever happen they will not tell me because then I think I won’t be able to write as free as I do now. Most of the things I write about on here I haven’t told anybody in real life.

I also wonder why you read this blog? I mean my life is nothing special and there are so many things you could do instead of reading this. Don’t think I don’t want you to read this because I definitely love it when people read what I write.

I hope you had a good day today.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


12 thoughts on “Thinking about my blog

  1. People read your blog because unlike most blogs (I admit, including mine too), your’s is simple and beautiful. There is no “other meaning” that people have to wreck their brain trying to find it out. You say it just the way it is and that is why I read your blog
    Stay Awesome 🙂 ❤

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  2. I read your blog because you’re great at writing and I just enjoy reading your posts! And yeah I worry about people I know figuring out it’s me behind the blog, if by some very slim chance they stumbled upon it

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  3. Your life IS something special – everyone’s is and that’s why I love reading your blog and finding out about all the things that make you unique and special. Plus I finally managed to listen to your voice recording and omg your accent is amazing!!

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