Waiting for my dad

In the last post I mentioned my jobs I did the last two days. I am currently sitting in my dad’s office waiting for him to come back and pick me up so I figured instead of just sitting here, bored, I migh as well tell you a little more about what I did.

I was supposed to work the whole week starting tuesday but we were already done with everything today.

I was not the only one there. A long with me was one girl and a couple of guys all about the same age as me. It was actually a lot of fun because there were some wierd names on some letters we made fun of. Next to me was this really cute guy. We talked a little while we were working and he seemed really nice. I am kind of sad I did not get his number or snapchat. I do not even know his name. I should have asked him but I was to shy to do it.

Well that is about it. My dad still is not here but I have nothing more to read. I also need to delete his browser history or at least the websites I was on so he will not find my blog.

Have a nice day

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