Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I know you struggle every day and I wish I could end your pain. When you freeze and tell me to hold you in my arms it always tears my heart apart because I love you and when you say something mean to me I know it is not really you speaking, it is your fears. I know you are afraid to die. I know you afraid to fail but whatever will happen I will still love you. The truth is. Whenever you tell me you are proud of me I try to play it cool but inside I am freaking out because you are one of the few people I want to make proud and hearing that you are is all I need sometimes. You have always told me to keep fighting and you were always there for me. Now it is my time to be there for you and I will always be. One day you will come to realize that all what is making you struggle right now is just in your head. One day you will realize that the doctors tell the truth when they say you are not going to die from what you are going through. But now it is my turn to be strong for you and not let you see me cry. Thanks to you I am able to do this. You gave me the strength I have today.

I love you.

Your little girl








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