Who will we all be?

Do you ever just sit there and think about what the people around you will be doing in a couple years? Especially in school I do that. We are at a certain point in life where we are expected to decide what we want to do in the future. Sure we all have dreams of being famous, a writer or anything else but lets face it. Most dreams will get crushed. I am pretty sure that I will never see 90% of the people in school will disappear out of my life once we will all have graduated. We will all have our lifes as different as they will be. Maybe one of us will be a rock star, a politician a soccer player… But maybe one of us will invent a invention that will change everyone’s life. We don’t know what will happen.

I don’t just have those thoughts over the people that are currently in my life. I also think about the people I see everyday. The stranger that sits next to me on the bus could be our next president.  You never know.

All those thoughts take me to the point where I think about my future. What will I be doing in lets say twenty years? Who will I be? Who will be a part of my life? I have so many dreams but non of them will ever come true and non of them bring me further to finally make a decision where I want to go with my life. The only think I know is what I don’t want. I have lived such a small part of my life and the decisions I am expected to make will define a much bigger part of it.

Only the future can tell me what will happen. I have to wait in patience even if it is hard but that is life.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


7 thoughts on “Who will we all be?

  1. I think about the future more than I think about anything else.
    I guess the best thing to do is focus on the present and not think too much about the future 🙂

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  2. Focus on the present, because the future doesn’t need to exist in a way, just keep moving along and focus on what you’re doing right now. We can’t guarantee things will be okay, we never can, but let’s use this uncertainty for optimism. When people are going through a tough time, I always tell them you life will keep changing and moving, nothing stays the same, so there is always hope. Fantastic post!

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  3. Great great post! My friends and I talk about that almost everyday. Everyone has a dream and everyone is scared to never fulfill them. I am too but I yet don’t know what I’m gonna do in future. You may never know. But there are strange things my friends talk about which is very uncomfortable to talk about here. But great post! It totally rings out the truth!!💜💜

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