Bend It Like Beckham

Today we watched the movie Bend It Like Beckham in English Class(I also had my exam today and I had to write an email to a British friend and I addressed it to elm 🙂 I don’t know why I just felt like it). Well I liked the movie. Sadly we couldn’t finish it because of the lack of time and I couldn’t wait to watch the end so I just watched it now. I don’t want to spoiler you so if you haven’t seen it don’t read further. In one of the last scenes Jess and her friend (I already forgot her name) say good bye to their families at the airport. I don’t know why but during that scene I just started to cry. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I am glad that didn’t happen in school though. I just miss the US a lot too and scenes like that make me cry every time. I want to go back to Utah so bad an visit everyone but I just can’t afford it. I miss my host family and all my host cousins so much. It is like being homesick. Yesterday I walked through the place I used to live on google street view because I somehow felt like doing that.

Have a nice day and lots of love

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