Giving advice to future exchange students

Today I have spent my day telling future exchange students and their parents about my time abroad. I have been giving them some advice and just told them about my experience.

I’ve also met some friend I got to meet through the exchange program and we got to tell each other our stories too, which has been truly amazing. It is nice to talk to people who understand how I feel. There are some things people who haven’t been on a exchange will never understand.

Talking about my time in the US has also brought up some memories again I almost forgot, which is great. I wish memories wouldn’t fade as fast as they do. Sometimes I wish I could save them in a jar. When I want to think of them and feel the happiness again I would just have to open the jar. Wouldn’t that be nice?

My friend and I also met a duck who was living on the edge. Seriously the duck was walking along this edge and stopped time by time to stare down for ages. It is probably still there doing that. image.jpeg

I am currently laying in my bed in a youth hostel and outside is some rediciously loud music playing.

Well I can’t wait for tomorrow to tell some more of my stories.

Lots of love

Just A Blank Space


2 thoughts on “Giving advice to future exchange students

  1. I actually made a ‘jar of happiness’ and write happy memories on bits of paper and store them in there so I can look at them and remember everything. Each time I make a new memory, I put it in. It is a honestly such a great thing, maybe you should make one too and fill it with all the memories from your US exchange!? I wrote a post on how I made it on my old blog which you can read here if you like!

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