I had a appointment at the oculists because I feel like I need new glasses and I almost failed my vision test for my license. I was really excited to go because I feel like my vision is getting worse every day. But the weird thing is that they said my glasses are totally fine. I told them I was having troubles with my vision and they were confused. They said it is probably just stress.

I am tired of hearing that everything I have troubles with is caused by stress. When I had back pain the doctors said they are caused by stress. When I was to tired to do anything all day the doctors said it is stress and now my eyes. I don’t believe everything is caused by stress and if it is how am I supposed to survive the stress that will come with the next two years? I will graduate and starting next school year every grade I get will define my graduation grades. School will get a lot more stressful that it is now. How will I be able to face all of this of I already have trouble with dealing the little amount of stress I am dealing with now?

I am afraid of starting the next school year because I am pretty sure I will have a major breakdown. I stress myself way too much  about my grades at school. I want to graduate with an average of 1.9 or at least 2.0 which is really hard and I don’t even have this average now. It is the same at swim meets. As soon as I am able to win something I expect to much from myself and everything gets messed up. I feel like by putting so much pressure on myself I destroy every chance of reaching my goal.

How do you deal with stress? I could really use some advice right now.

Lots of Love

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12 thoughts on “Stress

  1. When I’m stressed out I listen to music, dance or write down what is stressing me out.
    I don’t know why or how it works, but when I put my feeling into writing I always feel a little better.

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  2. I definitely agree that school is super stressful. I know it’s important to get good grades, but sometimes you can’t do everything. Sometimes ‘doing your best’ means only finishing 75%. None of us our superheros, we can’t always do everything, and same with you. If you are feeling super stressed out, maybe it’s best to just take a 20 minute break to just clear your mind. Please don’t push yourself too hard, even if you don’t get the best grade because of it, it’s better to get a not so good grade than permanently hurt your health. Also, one thing that helps me to relieve stress is to blog or write it all down to just vent it all out. I hope everything gets better and less stressful 🙂

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  3. School can be very stressful and yes, it can get to a point where it starts to affect your physical health. Honestly this advice probably won’t help much but I personally deal with stress by just not thinking about it in a negative way. I usually try to approach stressful situations with a positive attitude and I try my hardest not to overreact to anything. Also, if it all just gets a bit much, feel free to just take a break and relax! Remember that you and your health always come before good grades.


  4. I definitely know what it’s like to be stressed. I’d say my constant mode of being is stress. I didn’t think it was a problem until my body starting going out of whack. I learnt that stress could indeed affect the body in crazy ways unless the stress is dealt with. It’s something I’m trying to learn at the moment. One thing that’s helped me so far is to stop caring about certain things that stress me and instead just do things that I love. So instead of stressing about getting good grades at uni, I studied because I loved writing. I’m not so much focused on results anymore, because things always work out no matter the result, maybe not as I hoped or expected, but there’s always a way, I’ve found. Life has gone in so many unexpected directions, that I’m learning I didn’t fail all those times I thought I did. So, just taking that pressure off myself to perform, and just doing things because I enjoy them helps a lot.

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  5. School is stressful but don’t worry, you’ll get through it! The longer your in stressful situation, the more you lear how to do with stress. For now I’d just say breath and do relaxing things like taking a bath, listening to music, reading. I also recommened buying a colouring book because they are really relaxing to do when it all gets a bit much. I agree, not everything can be caused by stress but like you I have been told multiple times by doctors that the many different symptoms I have are caused by ‘stress’ but they don’t tell me anything to do about it which sucks! Hope everything calms down soon. 🙂

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