The most dangerous writing app

About a month ago I made a post about funny writing Apps and websites. One of them was called the most dangerous writing app. If you have not read that most here is a brief explanation. You have to write for a certain amount of time that you can choose without stopping. If you stop for too long everything will get deleted.

Here is a text I wrote using this website.  It is probably one of the weidest things I have ever written.

Okay my last text got deleted. This is way too much fun. What do I write about now. Hey I could make up a story.
Once upon a time there was a little girl. Her names was Claudia because that is the first and only name that comes in my mind this fast. This is fun. Claudia was a happy girl. She spent a lot of time with her friends but one day everything changed when she met this guy. He told her he would give her chocolate if she comes with him. Claudia said no of course. She new about men who kidnapp little girls and promise chocolate but this situation made her think about life. She locked herself in her room thinking about what she wants to achive in the future. Because she was really little she didn’t really know. But she thought it was fun. So she kept thinking and never stopped. IN fact she died because she thought all her life.
Yea I know this is a crappy story but I am under a lot of pressure right now. Time is ticking too fast. Help. Claudia indeed was a happy girl. Maybe this guy who tried to kidnapp her got into her brain and controlled her thought. We will never know….


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