Do you see the truth?

I’ve been reading a old book I got from this public book shelf (or whatever you may call it) close to my school. In the first three chapters there is this guy talking about mirrors. He sais that if we look in a mirror we never see the true self of us. All we see is the costume we put on. He also thinks that we got used to mirrors in a way that we never really think of what we really see in them.

This got me thinking. Maybe it is true. Maybe when I look in the mirror I don’t see the true me and if I do what would the true me look like? Sometimes I have those random moments where I stare at myself in the mirror and think, that what I see can’t be me. It seems just weird.

Pictures can also be a sort of mirror as they show us the way we look. In todays society we got addicted to seeing our self. There are mirrors and pictures of us wherever we go. Because it is normal for us to see our self quite a lot, we never stop to think about what we really see. Our appearance is just a costume that tries to hide our character and yet we always judge someone on the way they look in a picture. Social media has got us to a point where we don’t really care about this real person that we can’t see through the mirror. We don’t just do that with the people around us but with our self too. We are constantly trying to create new images of our self in different mirrors that we loose the real us along the way.

Mirrors are liars, secret keepers and hiders (is that even a word? If it isn’t it is one now because I like it).

Sometimes we just need to stop and take off our costume. We need a break. We need places and people that make us remind who we really are. Because if we don’t we will get lost in all our costumes we see through the mirrors that are all over the world.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


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