The letter

I’ve been thinking of writing a letter for my parents to read if I die for years and for some reason I did it today. I finished it only a few minutes ago and now I feel guilty for writing it. I don’t know why. I kind of want to rip it apart or burn it but for now I put it n the back of my old journal.


3 thoughts on “The letter

  1. I’ve actually written the same kind of later, but lost it which is probably not wise 😬 I don’t know what led you to writing the letter such as an issue, contemplation of suicide, or just felt like it, but I think many people do these kinds of things. I simply thought you know, if GD forbid soemthing should happen to me j want to write a letter and say my final thoughts. Keep it, one day you might even look back at it and laugh πŸ™‚

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