What a day

Yesterday my dad and my brother had tickets for an out of town game of our favorite team. Sadly I had no ticket because it was too expensive and I wanted to save the money. Because the game was in the town my parents met, my mom and I decided to go with them and spent the day there.

Before we split up my family and I went to a restaurant my dad used to eat at almost every day. There were a lot of fans of our team too and before we even got to order our food someone offered me a ticket for the game. Of course I didn’t say no. I even paid less than a tenth of the price my brother and dad had to pay. I was so happy.

We went to the game and it was amazing. All fans did a choreography with flags, banners, and other things together to show the team we are supporting them and we shouted the whole game. It was awesome. I still can’t believe I got a ticket. Sadly we lost and our team played really bad but it was still fun.

Later, when we were on our way home, I found out that my friends are meeting up to go out and eat so I spontaneously joined and surprised them. They didn’t expect me at all.

I spent the rest of the night over at my friends house watching movies.

When I woke up yesterday morning I expected the day to be quite boring but it turned out to be awesome. Sometimes we have to say yest to every chance we get.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

(PS: This is my 100th post)


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