I might have got a super power

The last three days have been frustrating. For some reason my laptop refused to load WordPress. I tried everything. I restarted it, reset all my settings and tested if I caught a virus. But nothing worked. Everything but WordPress was loading perfectly. I wasn’t even able to read any posts or notifications.

For some reason it is working again now and I couldn’t been happier. I missed talking to you guys. I really want to interact with you guys more. I love to talk to new people so if you have nothing to do right now or if you would like to do a collaborate with me just drop me an email.

I am pretty sure I told you guys about how I hate Latin. I am struggling with learning it since sixth grade and I just don’t understand it. But something weird happened today. Right before class started I hit my head on a fire extinguisher (don’t ask me how) and I think I turned into a super hero…just kidding. But what really happened was that for my surprise I actually had no struggles translating the text and I didn’t even do any mistakes. Even my teacher was surprised and came up to me after class to tell me that I did really good today. Maybe by hitting my head I gained the super power of understanding Latin…

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


6 thoughts on “I might have got a super power

  1. I dropped Latin as soon as I got the chance 😂 It is pretty hard to understand and my logic is that because Latin is a dead language it’s pointless learning it 🙄😬

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