Imagine you are a tree

Imagine you are a tree. You have wonderful green leaves which stand for every thing you do, the way you look and how you feel. But you also have thick and strong roots which are your believes, where you come from and what keeps you alive.

Now you are standing where you always stand because, hey, you are a tree. You can’t move. You can’t do anything to escape the storm that is coming closer. The storm stands for your fears, the people around you, your struggles… and all you can do to survive is to hold on to you roots that keep you from falling over and dying.

Last think about yourself and try to apply this on your life 🙂

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space

(PS: I got the Idea at one AM looking outside my window and thinking about the tree as well as the storm outside)

I updated my about page and finished what I wrote about yesterday. Read about the outcome on my about page it  would mean a lot to me.


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