Situtions writing has helped me through

Writing is a huge part of my life. It has helped me through hard times and without writing I wouldn’t be who I am now. I always loved reading and writing.

In one of the first weeks in summer between fourth and fifth grade my parents got in a really bad fight with my grandparents what caused my mom to have a nervous breakdown and getting a depression. A couple weeks later. One week before the new school year started and I had to go to a new school my grandma on my dads side died all of the sudden. It was like I lost all my grandparents at once. Especially the death of my grandma was really hard for me as she and I had a really strong relationship. Before her funeral I wrote one las letter to her which my parents put in her hand so she has it forever. I also wrote a couple poems for her. When I miss her I still go and read them. They are really bad. Especially the once in English.

I was actually really excited for the new school because I had troubles finding friends in elementary and was bullied by some kids. I had really high hopes. But it came different. While my best friend, who was going to a different school, got a lot of new friends I still had troubles. In sixth grade the bullying started again. For me this was really hard because I already had a pretty low self esteem. In seventh grade it got worse and in eight grade it escalated. During that time I started to write stories. I would sit on my dads laptop all day writing stories about a girl who got bullied but had kind of a second life outside of school where she got to sail all day and in the end she always got out as a winner.

In ninth grade I finally got some friends and I decided to go to the US. I was really excited to leave so I started a blog writing about the things that happened before me departure. I continued to write that blog through out the entire year and whenever I had struggles there I wrote about it. I blogged almost every day and now I can go back and skip through the entire year again.

Writing is a huge part of me. I can’t imagine a live without it. Sadly no one understands that what makes me feel lonely a lot. Sometime all I wish for is someone who I can share my passion for writing it.

I want to end this post with a quote:

Every book, every story is a combination of just 26 letters

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


4 thoughts on “Situtions writing has helped me through

  1. I’m sorry that you’ve been struggling with bullies a lot. I wish that had never happened to you. I hope you start to make some friends, and some good friends. Prayer and friends, along with writing or whatever you like to do, are great ways to help you get through life.

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