“I thought bullying her made me cool”

Recently one of my friends and one of the guys who bullied me became a couple. My friend knows that he bullied me and she actually asked me if I am OK with them being a couple. I was really surprised she asked me that because we are not that close. I told her that I have no reason to be against them being together. As long as he is nice to her I don’t have a problem with it.

Today she came up to me and told me that she asked him what happened back then. She said that he told her that he is sorry for what happened and he knows it was wrong. He also said that back then he thought bullying me made him cool. She also said that he told her that he thought everything would be alright and forgotten when I came back from the US but that I didn’t say hello to him at all and ignored him.

For some reason I don’t believe that he is sorry. If he would really be sorry he could have told me that himself. I think he doesn’t know how much he hurt me and that I still struggle because of the things he did. I think I will never be able to forgive him.

I hope none of you are getting bullied. If you do and want to talk about it don’t be afraid to drop me an email:


Also if you see someone getting bullied don’t be afraid to stand up for them because I used to wish to have someone who would do that for me. Bullying can affect a whole life and should not be as common as it is.

Lots of Love

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4 thoughts on ““I thought bullying her made me cool”

  1. I’ve experienced bullying before – specifically cyber bullying – and i get what you’re saying. Everything that they say and do effects you for the rest of your life, i can never forget anything that they said. He definitely should have told you in person if he was sorry, he’s obviously not if he’s not making much of an effort to apologize.
    But I hope that everything’s okay now! xxx


  2. bullying is something I’ve always wished to stop . apparently I’ve never been bullied but really doing it make you look cool just made it worse . why cant people look cool by helping or being hilarious or just being plain nice !

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  3. I’m going to take inspiration from this post, because more people need to listen and stick up for people. You don’t need or have to forgive him – I certainly wouldn’t.

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