Are you blind?

As you might know I walk my dog everyday at least once and last week there suddenly was a new graffiti. As you can see on the picture someone just sprayed BLIND on it. They probably just wanted to spray something and try out the paint but just the word BLIND got me thinking.

You can be blind in so many ways. Of course there is the physical blindness but sometimes people with perfect vision can be more blind than the once who lost their vision. There is so much more on this world that you can’t see through your eyes but through your heart. There is a saying:

You only see good with your heart because the important things are invisible for our eyes.

I really like that. When I look around me I feel like almost everyone is blind. My friends don’t see how important writing is for me and my teachers don’t see how much they stress me. Most of the people around me have lost their ability to see the the good in little things.

Before I left for the US I basically hated the place I live in. But being away from home made me appreciate so many little things. I can walk around and just be happy about the way the leafs on the trees have changed their color. I learned to appreciate the small moments with my parents like just sitting on the couch together.

I don’t think that I can see everything. I think there are so many things that I can’t see and that I probably don’t want and never will be able to see.

And now I am asking you. Are you blind?

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space



7 thoughts on “Are you blind?

  1. You’re totally right! This post was beautiful, so true! Some people can see through their eyes but not through their heart and some people can’t see through their eyes but can’t see through the heart though. I’ve never actually stopped to think about it!! XD XD This was a lovely post!!

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  2. In both the physical sense and not. I’m blind. I’m blind to the beauty in this world. I’m blind to some of the things my friends go through. I’m blind to how much the people around me are hurting, or to what they love. This post was beautiful.

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  3. true .. everyone is blind to some things or another like probably my math teacher who’s totlly blind to see the hardwork I’m putting in or myself actually , I’m sometimes blind to all the good things I have that I some times forget to be gratefull..

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  4. I think that you’re right, everyone must be blind in some way. I think I’m blinded by many things. Blinded by how privileged I am because society has caused me to dislike parts of myself. I’ve blinded my heart and haven’t enabled it to appreciate and love those around me. I think slowly I need to start peeling off that blindfold and open my eyes to the world.

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