4 Blogs that give greate Advice about Blogging

Today I decided to take a day off from school work and searched the Internet for blogging tips. Now there are many post that I thought were just crap but along those I found four blogs that actually give grate advice


The first one is a blog called Sazan by Sazan Hendrix. She created a series of six videos where she explains how she grew her blog, what she learned. She talks about things you should do, money and a lot of other things. I really liked the series. It is really interesting and I love her personality


Blog Brighter

The second blog I loved is Blog Brighter. On there are a lot of grate posts that give advice on almost every aspect of blogging. Here are my four favorites:



On Kaleidoscope I found a post called15 places to promote zour blog on . I think the title says what it is about. You should definitely go check this one out.

Blog Ambitions

Now the last one is called Blog Ambitions. On this one you can find a lot of grate tips. My favorite post by far is called How to make your blog content pop. The post is basically a tutorial on how to make different block quotes and content boxes. I am going to try this in one of my next posts.

This should be all for now. I would love it if you go check out some of those sites and tell me what you thing. For me it was really interesting to find out about all those different things you can do with your blog

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space



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