10 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Walk

Today for some reason I felt fed up with everything. I grabbed my dog and went on a walk. For me walking is the best way to relaxe. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. I can put in my headphones turn on my music and can sing along without my family complaining about my bad voice
  2. I am alone
  3. It mas me feel like I did something for my health
  4. My dog can be so cute and cheers me up
  5. I am alone with my thought. I usually get the best ideas when I am on my walk
  6. When nobody is around I can dance while I sing along to my songs.
  7. When I am mad I can kick rocks and things that are in my way to get the bad energy out of my veins.
  8. I get to be outside. Sometimes just breathing some fresh air helps to calm down
  9. Sometimes there are pretty sunsets
  10. I do not have to worry about anything except to keep walking

Today there was not really a pretty sunset but I still took a picture for you guys.

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space



4 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Go On a Walk

  1. I just found your website and I am literally debating on walking!! So this must be a sign I need to walk! I called my daughter and we are taking my dog outside now! I look forward to reading more! 🙂

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  2. I agree with every single reason. Going on a walk always makes me feel better no matter if I’m sad, mad or just happy!! XD I also think about a lot of stuff and listen to music!!! XD XD I also like to look at the landscape when I’m walking which is pretty relaxing!!!! XD XD

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