If I wouldn’t be myself (Tag?)

20160510_154535071_iOSToday me and my friend came up with a list of things we would be if we wouldn’t be ourselves during physics class. It was really fun and when I came home I drew the things on my list. Now before you go on and read the explanations look at the picture and tell me in the comments why you think I choose those things and what you think I would be if I wouldn’t be myself.A Palm Tree: I would be a palm tree because they are tall such as I am and as a little side note I could throw coconuts at the people walking pass me.

A Shark: When I was little my mom called me a shark because I loved swimming (I still do) and had two rows of teeth before I got my braces just like sharks do.

The Number Two: I think I would be the number two because I am never the best (the number one) in something.

The Song Car Radio: I love twenty one pilots (the artist of the song) and I love the lyrics of this sing. The song describes a person who is sitting in silence and because of this silence, because there is no distraction they have to think and suddenly feel bad. I do that a lot too. Whenever there is no distraction I start to think and suddenly hate everything.

The Book The Mortal Instruments: In the series the mortal instrument the protagonist discovers a new world in which daemons and other creatures actually exists. I recently discovered a new world by myself. The beautiful blogging world.

The Planet Pluto: Pluto is the outsider of the planets and I feel like a outsider a lot recently. Even if I might not be one and just feel that way.

A Pen: I love to write more than anything else.

The Color Black: I like deep and a little depressing poems and songs. I don’t know why.


The Month April: I am basically like the weather in April. I cannot make up my mind

A Forest: I kind of thought about this as a metaphor. The trees symbolize my my thoughts. I also see a forest as a magical thing and kind of like something that protects me. When I was little I loved trees. I always wanted to live in one.

Now I really would like this  to be a tag. I would love to hear about the things you would be if you would not be yourself. I do not think anyone would participate if I would make it a tag. But if you want to do it (I would love that) please make sure to tag me in it or tag it with “If I Wouldn’t Be Myself Tag” so I can find and read it. 

Lots of Love

Just A Blank Space


15 thoughts on “If I wouldn’t be myself (Tag?)

    1. Oh and I LOVE Twenty One Pilots. And no, not theor popular singles but all of their songs. From the Blurry face album, I like Fairly Local, Doubt, and The Judge apart from their popular singles of course.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The tag? Sure thing! I can definitely make this into a tag. 😉
        About twenty one pilots, I love their old songs too. It’s such a shame that many only know their popular singles.


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