5 Crazy Things Germans Say

20160511_160916000_iOSI am German, I live in Germany and I obviously speak German. In the German language there are some weird phrases we use that make no sense if you translate them into the English language word by word. Here are some examples:

  • If somebody really, really annoyes you, you can say Du gehst mir tierisch auf den Keks”. If you translate this in English word by word it would be “you walk me animally on the cookie”
  • If you can’t believe something a way to express that is saying “Ich glaub ich spinne” in German. Translated that would be “I think I spider”.
  • If something, like a race, is getting serious you say “Jetz geht es um die Wurst” in German. That would be “Now it goes around the sausage” in English
  • If you don’t understand what somebody want to tell you you can say “Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof”, “All I understand is train station”
  • If you want to tell someone you won’t do something they want you to do you can say “Den Teufel werde ich tun“, translated to English that would be “The devil will I do”

German is a weird language. Which of the five is your favorite? Tell me in the comments.

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33 thoughts on “5 Crazy Things Germans Say

  1. I am half-german and half-english, but I live in England now. I am still fluent in german though. I like all of them, but even those of us that are German don’t understand why these sayings exist as they generally make no sense. I am new to blogging and would love your opinion on my blog. I am going to start to write some posts in german for my friends that still live there. I wasn’t sure whether to write this in German or not, but if so we can chat in German if you like 😉 I really like your blog and posts btw x

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  2. The one with the sausage is great, especially since I get this weird image in my mind of people running around a sausage 😀 Germans in general have a strange way to use English words. Just think of handy for cell phone or public viewing for people watching sports on a big screen in a public place. In the USA public viewing refers to a funeral where the deceased lies in an open casket.

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